Young and Dumb in Miami!

A short story, from the series, titled;
You can’t be an old Stripper.. Butt, you can be an old Artist!

I have been a resident of The Beaches of South Walton County and Panama City Beach Fl. Since 1984. I've had many interesting jobs over the years and kept a lot of skeletons in my closets, now at the age of 55, I no longer worry about what others may think of me. I’ll tell you, it has been very liberating to finally “come out of the closet” about my secret life as a Las Vegas stripper, only pretending to be a timid artist. Years ago just trying to keep my separate lives from meeting each other became an art form in its self. Beginning in 1982 I used Art Therapy to “decompress” between club appearances. I started a business and named it “The Leather Lady”. I made costumes not only for myself but also for some famous and not so famous entertainers. Beautiful, men and women, such as the Luscious “Lisa Lips” featured at the “Show and Tail” before it burnt down and the dancers of the “All Male Review” at Club La vela. “World’s largest beach club”. I had to measure well built men for thongs and leather chaps! (Please don’t throw me in the briar patch!) Later, I just wanted to make money without the need for make-up or plastic surgery, I just wanted to grow old gracefully. Have Grey hair and wrinkles. Therefore I started exploring other avenues. Around 1992 I was part owner of Glynn’s gifts and Antiques in Santa Rosa Beach, which was located next to Dale’s Glass at the time.

Then in 1994, I created Fantasea Fishworks, porcelain art. I gave up the Antiques for a life on the road. I traveled to Art Shows for several years, building up my gift shop clientele, writing in my journals, buying up some then cheap Florida real estate. Including, 19155 Panama City Beach Pkwy. Because I made my own schedule, I also got to spend a lot of time with my grand kids, creating fun art. I do realize how fortunate I am. My Studio is a dream-come true. I have to admit that the idea to write a book was not mine. The credit goes to my daughter’s professor right here at the Gulf Coast Community College, 10+ years ago! These stories are “loosely based” on my real life adventures in the clubs and at fine art shows. (They are very similar in many ways). Some places and names have been changed to protect some innocents.

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